It is very simple, you click on the year in any view and should exit a dialog box to enter the year.
As normal (if there is no error) is that they forget to press the save button.
Most likely because of the shift in the configuration option missing mark posted. This option means that if checked will be used for the calculation of hours, this is to distinguish it with the holidays and other days off ...
To generate the sequence must enter shifts codes separated by a space. Select the start and end date and check or uncheck the days of the week to be excluded. And that's it ...
From version 4.09 of pro advanced sequences can be entered: eg M M'T NSLL this indicates that the morning and afternoon will be put in the same day. Use the symbol (') to separate the codes of turn.
To add a note on the first shift of the day, you should only do a long press to display the dialog box. Remember having multiple selection disabled.
The following link shows how to do go
If. Starting with the version 4.09 of the Pro version
No. If you enable multiple selection can select the entire month by clicking on the text of the month.
As of version 4.16 (Saturns Pro) and 1.23 (Free) has added the option to share files copies of profiles. If the other partner has the application can export your profile from settings -> Security and pusle on 'Save selected profile' will generate an xml file with the profile name. entonce must send this file by email, bluetooth, dropbox, etc. .. Once you have the file on your device go to folder and make a long RATE FOR the xml file and show you the option to share. If no error Adebe SaTurnosPro appear in the list. And that's it. Only SaTurnosPro should go to Settings-> Security-> Saved profiles and file should appear. NOTE: Do not change the file name.
From the free version go to Settings -> Security and pusle on 'Create Backup' This will create a file in the folder sdcard and SaturnosPro. Then go from the Pro version to settings -> Security-> Backup and select the file you generated the freee version. remember that doing this will remove everything you have in your application.
Yes. Starting with the version 4.16 of the Pro version
To add an extra hour on the first shift of the day, you should only do a long press to display the list of options. Remember having multiple selection disabled.
By selecting multiple unselected long press on the turn to share. It should appear the list of options and select 'Sharing Time' and the text appears to be share. Upon acceptance of the text must select the application you want to share your turn.
Press the menu-> more-> Screenshot. The image is saved in the folder with the extension png Saturns.
menu secuancias-> repetitions shifts can repeat previously entered for other dates. Created unless you specify the date range you want to repeat and the start date.
Enabling Multiple selection from the menu.
You only need to do a long press.
From Configuraciñon press menu-> shifts. To remove any long press. If you want to edit click on the turn. If you want to add, click on Add. Allowed three codes characters and are not repeated.
Pro version only, in the Statistics menu press the menu button and select' Export 'to export the calendar year is selected. Excel will be created in the folder where SaTurnosPro be available throughout the calendar and the calculation of the hours, pay, holidays and notes.
Only for Pro version from the menu-> settings-> Apareincia must select the calendar that is synchronized, enable synchronization and hit only the first time. first time if you have many shifts introduced may take a while.
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